About Us & Our Values


Urban Smoothie Bikes Ltd began its life in 2013 with a simple dream: to run a small business which at its core encourages health and wellbeing. The dream started with two humble smoothie bikes, a double garage and bucket loads of enthusiasm.

Now, five years on with over thirty smoothie bikes, a huge corporate and community following and a fabulous team of staff, the dream has unfolded into a dynamic and fast paced reality. The team's drive and enthusiasm continues to weave its fruity magic and we are constantly developing new ideas and best practice as we provide fantastic pedal powered events across the UK.

We love encouraging people from all walks of life to think about their health, fitness and lifestyle in a creative and fun way. Our brilliant events team share our ethos and consistently go out of their way to make sure our customers are having an amazing experience. They bring enjoyment and fun to any type of event with a professional service.

Here at Smoothie HQ we recognise that every event is different and take care in understanding your needs, treating your enquiry with a friendly and personal touch.

Urban Smoothie School Package
Urban Smoothie Staff

It's very satisfying to know that our smoothie bikes can inspire and motivate people to make those small incremental changes that help to improve and sustain long term health goals.

We love what we do because of feedback such as children who never ate fruit starting to eat it, adults who had not ridden a bike since childhood having great fun pedalling and people deciding everywhere to get their dusty bike out of the shed.  


Step on the bicycle of happiness!