If you are running a healthy eating workshop, eco day, or freshers event, our smoothie bikes are a great option! 


School Workshops

Healthy, Happy & Active! Our smoothie bikes are a fun and exciting way to engage and educate children on health, well-being and exercise.



Our spin art bike is a sure hit for an active and creative task for your classes. 

Children can use the squeezy paint bottles to create their own kaleidoscope effect painting. For special celebrations such as Harvest Festivals, Diwali, Christmas, Eid, World Book day, Hanukkah or Halloween they can even decorate cut out shapes to match the theme. See our Spin Art Page for more information. 


Universities & Colleges

Our smoothie bikes and staff are fantastic for promoting your university at Open Days, Freshers Fairs, Green Weeks or raising awareness for important causes.

Free smoothies are a sure hit for any university or college event and being able to pedal them yourself just increases the fun! 

We offer challenge and race kits alongside leader boards to create a competition atmosphere. Why not challenge another faculty or society to a smoothie bike duel?!


Our typical event package includes:

  • One Smoothie Bike (Child's or Adult's)

  • One Smoothie Chef

  • 100 Fruit Smoothies

Optional extras  include:

  • Spin Art Bike

  • Fastest Smoothie Challenge

  • Full Bike and Bar Branding