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Event Packages

Our fully inclusive option where we take care of everything for you!

We offer a range of packages to suit your event needs. Our dedicated team will set up, bring all the ingredients and run the event for you. What could be simpler?!

Our event staff are experts in inspiring fun, health and making sure everyone has a brilliant time.

Our Event Packages include:

- Smoothie Chef

- Full set up and running of your event

- An extensive range of frame colours to suit your theme/brand

- Pop-up bar and all catering equipment

- Delicious range of fruit smoothies

- We only use plant-based compostable smoothie cups, lids & straws which are bio degradable, so no plastic!

Different bikes we have available!

Groovy Smoothie Bikes - Ages 4+

Urban Smoothie Bikes - Ages 8+

Fender Blender Pros - Ages 8+