Primary School Packages


Fruit Carousel

Children rotate round the carousel completing each activity. The timings at each station can be adapted as required. There is an opportunity to learn about healthy eating, exercise, and where fruit comes from. All activities can be differentiated to suit different years and abilities.

1: Smoothie Bike BMX Pick your ingredients and blend your smoothie on the bike!

2: The Sugars Challenge How much sugar is in your drink? Try and pick the right jar!

3. Where does your fruit come from? Guess where each fruit originated from and see if you are surprised!

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May the forces be with you

KS1 Push or Pull Children learn about what forces are acting on the smoothie bike to blend up the fruit.

KS2 Friction and the Mechanics, children learn about what forces are acting on the smoothie bike to blend up the fruit. Class discussion about how much force is applied to make the roller axle turn and how much friction is needed to turn the wheel against the mechanism. What happens if there is too much?

Bikes are set up facing each other and the children can use what they have just learned to race to blend up their smoothie, our smoothie experts will time the children with their stop watches and judge who’s smoothie is the most blended. The child with the most blended smoothie gets their name on our magnetic leader board.

Potential Topic Links


• Mechanics

•Healthy eating


Smoothie Story-time

Urban Smoothie Bikes will read our favourite fruit based story to the children. After this there is an opportunity for discussion and some learning, then each child will have a turn blending up their own smoothie on the bike using some of the fruits they have just heard about!

KS1 (excluding Reception) Handa’s Surprise, Handa puts 7 delicious fruits in her basket for her friend. Banana, Guava, Orange, Mango, Pineapple, Avocado & Passionfruit . Class can discuss fruit and healthy eating.

KS2 Oliver’s Fruit Salad, Oliver is off to visit his Grandparents, they grow all their own fruit and vegetables. However when Oliver goes home his mum takes fruit out of packets? Class can discuss fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy eating and a tasty fruit salad recipe.


Potential Topic Links

•Health & Wellbeing

• Exercise

• Sugars

• Healthy eating


Potential Topic Links

- Healthy Eating

- Recipes

- Fruit

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