Fender Blender Pro - Blue

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fender-blender-pro bkue.jpg

Fender Blender Pro - Blue


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These are by far the best Single Wheeled Smoothie Bikes on the market - that's why we sell them!!

The FBPro's have been around for years, beautifully designed, robust and come with excellent smoothie making mechanism. Everyone else has tried to copy the design and produce cheaper models and are way off the mark so if you are looking for the top of the range then this is the one for you. Yes its expensive but it is a seriously good investment and will last you for years and years and years.

lends in front: makes bike blending more fun and social. Ensures the best results.
Very friendly to adults and kids (down to approximately 7-year-old kids). Widely adjustable seat height and handle bars offer comfortable and easy grip position. As it is lowered the seat gets closer to the handle bars.
Many good surfaces and options for your branding on the wheel cover and frame.  

Efficient blending mechanism so there is less chance of human effort being wasted.
Available in Green, Orange, Blue or in your custom color. 

Comes with fully illustrated instructions for setup and use
Weight: 55 pounds assembled, 60 pounds boxed.

Comes with 1 x Blending base unit and 1 x pitcher - Blendtec/Vitamix upgrade not included and sold separately

Please be aware that this can take up to two weeks to arrive from the date of purchase